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question about bottles

Has anyone tried the comotomo bottles? What do you think? TIA

Re: question about bottles

  • I own the Comotomo bottles and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!!!  They are pricey but so worth it.  They hold up well, are so easy to clean and the slow flow nipple is perfect for newborns.  I got these when my daughter was an infant (she will be 2 on Sunday) and got the smaller ones to use with my son who is 3 months old.  I for the most part EBF but I hate the plastic bottles that come with my breast pump so when I need to pump I use the bottles that go with the pump and then dump the BM in the comotomo.

    LOVE them!!!  Everyone who has watched my daughter and had to give her a bottle (family members) have also really liked them because they are so easy to clean and everyone likes the soft squishy bottom.

    I would highly recommend them. 

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