ECV at 37w5d

I am scheduled for an ECV tomorrow to try to turn my breech baby and avoid a C-Section possibly.  Has anyone on this board had experience with this procedure?  I want to hear the good and the bad and just want to be prepared for anything.  TIA!

Re: ECV at 37w5d

  • My DD was breech.  My OB does ECVs at 39 weeks, with induction if successful.  She does not want to do it earlier because of the risk of baby flipping back, but of course other OBs may feel differently.

    Anyhoo, my OB felt I was a great candidate for ECV because I had delivered DS vaginally.  I was very enthusiastic about trying it.  My OB recommended epidural anesthesia for ECV because the success rate is higher.  I got to L&D and the nurse put me on the monitor.  DD looked great.  I was having regular contractions but not in active labor.

    As soon as I got the epidural, my blood pressure crashed.  DD's heartrate dropped with my contractions, and I was rushed to the OR for a c/s without attempting ECV.  The c/s was fine, and my recovery was really easy, so in the end it didn't matter much.  

    I hope your procedure goes well.  I definitely think ECV is a great option and worth a shot.
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  • Thank you for sharing!
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  • We tried at 36w4d with DD. I actually wanted to do a C anyhow, but we tried to flip her. Unsuccessful. Did go into labor 24 hrs later and FAST..7 cm by the time we got to triage. Got my C and loved it! Zero recovery.


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    My dr advised against it because I had an anterior placenta. I'm glad we did not go through with it.
  • I did not do it because I had an anterior placenta and had a SCH up until week 20 of my pregnancy. I also wasn't a good candidate as this was my first pregnancy and the way the baby was laying. 

    However, a friend of mine had a successful ECV done and her baby was not in a favorable position. She had already had one child vaginally and went into labor on her own a week or so later. 

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    I had it after 36w, can't remember exactly when. K was frank breech so we wanted to try to flip her. Unfortunately it did not work, our doc managed to lift her out of my pelvis but the direction we were trying to turn her was facing the placenta (nothing complicated about the placenta position or anything) and after a few pushes he said it wasn't going to work, he didn't want to rupture anything. I had no issues afterwards. Went home on my own and waited out the remaining couple of weeks and then had a nice, easy cs delivery. I would def give it a try if they think you are a good candidate.
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    I had one but it was unsuccessful. Dr said I was a great candidate because of fluid levels, this being my second, etc but the baby's heart rate skyrocketed to 196 and I was monitored for 4 hours. Had a cs the next week.

    Glad I tried it but it was extremely painful as the Dr attempted to move him and I was sore for a couple days.
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    I had one at 38w 1d for my frank breech baby. I had tried literally everything humanly possible on my own with no success. I was originally going to get an epidural but the spoonful of almond butter my ob had okayd in the am (6 hours earlier) meant they wouldn't so I'll never know if that would have helped. I had an AP as well but plenty of fluid, she wasn't big etc but she barely budged. It was definitely not comfy but not the worst pain ever but I still think my not being relaxed enough even with the terbutaline made a difference. 2 days later I went into labor anyways and they found nothing to indicate why she was breech other than sheer stubbornness :)
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