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Lets get it set up- let me know if any of you all run- it would be fun to have mom jogging w baby gtg's or just generic gtg's in general where we consume mass quantities of chocolate and snuggle babies. 
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  • You are hilarious!
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    Emily 8.8.08
    Madeline 1.2.11
    William 8.5.12
  • lol...i cant even remember the last time i ran. i would be happy with eating girl scout cookies and snuggling babies when mine comes in august :)
  • LOL - I do run, still running at 19 weeks and 4 days and will keep running until the lil bump tells me he or she doesn't like it anymore. I'm definitely up for a running group once mine shows up in October - but I imagine I won't be doing too much running with the lil angel bc by the time I'd be comfortable running with him/her it will be winter and 20 or 30 degrees and lil babies don't mix. So other activities sound good - I'll hold off on the girl scout cookies as hoping to get back to pre-pregnancy weight as soon as I'm capable.

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