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NJ teacher-- due in July. Maternity leave question

I am soooo sorry to post about this AGAIN-- but im a teacher in Hudson County,NJ and we are a non-tenure part of the board of Ed. I am due with twins in mid-July. I am soo confused of when maternity would start/end. People make it seem as if I have to go back mid-October. Can I start my maternity leave in September when school starts? And go the 12 weeks between maternity/family leave? Anyone know anything about this? I feel like asking my bosses/HR gets me in trouble. Helpppp

Re: NJ teacher-- due in July. Maternity leave question

  • I think you have to start it the day you give birth. But everywhere is different w maternity leave. I'd def ask HR. But that would be awesome if you can start it later!!
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  • I had big issues with my maternity leave in my district.  There's case law stating that the school has to offer you 20 days before your estimated due date and 20 days after (roughly 30 calendar days both ways but 20 actual school days).  This is for paid leave.  Once you've exhausted that you can use FMLA through the state.  I know that in my district, if you give birth over the summer you are not entitled to take your 20 days from the start of the school year, it's from the date of birth because those are for personal disability not child rearing.

    As others have stated, you should ask the business administrator or whomever is in charge of benefits in your district.  I know you said that you're non-tenure but are you still covered under the union's contract because that would be the first place to look in regards to maternity leave.
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  • I'm pretty sure it varies district to district so contact HR.
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  • Why don't you ask your hr or teachers union? My sister went on leave at the end of May, had my nephew the second week in June, and was out on leave until January. She then went on leave The beginning of June, had my niece the end of June, and was on leave until right before Christmas break. She's a teacher in West NY.
  • Check with HR but my understanding of FMLA is u may use the 12 weeks anytime in a year but some require u us vacation and personal time during FMLA. Double check and good luck
  • I had a baby last June. I took sick days for the last month of school since it was only a few weeks. In September I took FMLA maternity leave. I chose to take 6 weeks (we couldn't afford for me to stay out longer) but I could have taken up to 12. You can take leave any time during the first year of your child's life. Talk to your union rep or your county union office. 
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    FMLA before babies are born is taken for you. You get another 12 weeks after babies are born for them. It starts the first day of school. I had a July baby a couple years back. I returned to work in November. Don't forget to also apply for nj family leave insurance. I got over $3000 for the 6 weeks in addition to sick pay. Good luck w your twins!
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    I work in northern New Jersey and was told I can take my 12 weeks beginning the first day of school. I am also entitled to take twenty days before and after. Therefore it turns out to 16 weeks of leave starting September - four weeks of which would be using my sick time. Hope that helps
  • But how much will the state of NJ pay for? I had my first baby in February, and I was a 12 month employee then. I took 12 weeks of FMLA starting when she was born. NJ paid me for 6 weeks of disability (less than my salary that I was missing) and then NJ paid for 6 weeks of family bonding time (I forget what exactly it was called). Now I am pregnant and due in the very end of May. At this point, I'm a 10 month employee, with my work/contract ending on June 30th. Will I only qualify for one month of NJ disability? Or will they pay me through the summer (and maybe even into September)?
  • @blueemilia Do you mean she was born Feb 2014 and now your second LO is due May 2015? For NJ FMLA, you can take 12 weeks within any 24 month period. So it appears you've taken your 12 weeks already, and it isn't 24 months yet? 

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