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Losing weight in 3rd trimester

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Hi Ladies,

I'm getting a little (a lot) concerned about my weight.  Ever since I hit the 3rd tri I have had some issues at my monthly- now bi weekly prenatal appointments.  I was having some issues gaining weight but then yesterday at one of my appointments we realized that I had lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks.  We reviewed my daily eating habits and all they could say is to up the protein which I am trying to do.  On top of it, I have been super exhausted from doing nothing.  I know I am in the home stretch but I am just concerned and with losing some weight I feel this is abnormal. 
The midwife is somewhat concerned but didn't seem so much as to do anything drastic.  The baby seems fine and I go in for another ultrasound on Monday.  In the meantime has/or is anyone losing weight during pregnancy that's not due to morning sickness or nausea?

Thanks for reading.

Re: Losing weight in 3rd trimester

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    Yes! My first time around, I lost almost 20 lbs my first trimester and I was never once sick. And I lost 5 my last trimester. My total weight gain the entire pregnancy was 4 lbs. This time, I have gained 13 and I'm now in my third trimester. Last time, part of the third tri issue was I just couldn't eat very much at any one time bc Baby was inhabiting the space my stomach needed. So eat more often, up your carbs and protein, and know your body will feed Baby before it feeds you. My baby was small (a little over 6 lbs) but perfectly healthy. She's now, at 19 mos, in the 90th percentile for height and 26th for weight. So she caught up!
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    Thank you for responding!  I feel a bit better now.  I am trying to up the intake of carbs and protein pronto!  It is shocking sometimes to lose weight during pregnancy of all times especially when everyone else in my birth group at my doctor's office is gaining steadily.  Everyone is different but I have never been prone to just losing weight.  This is my first so I have no clue mostly.  Thank you again!
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    An added perk? My metabolism stayed crazy-high. I went to my internist to find out if anything was wrong, and he told me many women's metabolism changes after having a baby... Mine just changed the lucky way! So I went from a comfy size 10/12 to a comfy size 6/8. And I kept eating like a crazy person. So maybe that will happen to you, too. I'm hoping that doesn't reverse itself when this little bun is finished cooking!
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