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How are your clothes fittin'?

I just purged pretty much 80% of my closet. I have to go shopping and get some maternity clothes already, as I am SO uncomfortable in my normal clothes lately. Even the belly band isn't doing the trick. Sure it'll cover up my pants being unzipped and unbuttoned, but it's not keeping them up when I bend over or reach above my head. 

Anyone else opting for maternity clothes yet? Not sure even where to buy them. I found some basic stuff at Old Navy (mainly a pair of jeans, which I so badly needed). Target's pants are way too long on me. I can't wait until it gets warmer and I can just wear dresses and skirts every day. Until then... I need suggestions.

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Re: How are your clothes fittin'?

  • I started in maternity pants and yoga pants at 6 weeks. My doctor said go for them whenever you are uncomfortable in your regular clothes because you want your GI system happy :). No need to squish into clothes that make you feel worse. I find good deals at Ross! $14.99 for maternity pants... Got some jeans there and they are cute - can't tell they are maternity pants. No need for "mom" jeans with horrible pockets and weird fit. Enjoy!! Go shopping today. You won't regret it.
  • It's 30F outside, but I am wearing some stretchy waist shorts.  I must go shopping.  Even my sweats do not really fit.  I have gained 2 lbs, but a lot of inches in the abdomen. I am going to try to size up some leggings and wear long transitional season tunics.  I always buy giant size leggings anyway b/c they tend to shrink and I like a lot of give...probably will use them post pregnancy too.
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  • I havent yet, most of my clothes still fit pretty well except on pair of black dresspants I wear to work which were a little tight to begin.  Ill probably wait another couple of weeks
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  • It's weird because even though I'm down a few pounds, by noon each day the bloat makes my normal clothes uncomfortable. I'm going away on an outlets shopping trip Friday/Saturday, and I'll be buying some maternity wear and a band. From then on, we'll see what happens.


  • I've been doing the rubber band thing with my pants.  I'm going to hold out as long as possible on buying maternity stuff.  I was actually a lot more bloated a week or two ago, but my body has regulated a little bit and the bloat is gone.  
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  • My clothes are not fitting at all. Well - my winter clothes aren't. I have several stretchy spring and summer dresses that I will actually be able to wear during my pregnancy - except that it's not Spring or Summer yet! I might be buying some goodies this weekend. I'm running out of work clothes, and I am going to try to focus on items that are not maternity, that I can wear after I have the baby also. I'm hoping the only maternity clothes i will need to buy will be a couple jeans and capris.




  • I am down about 6 pounds and cannot button or zip one pair of my jeans. I have been in leggings and dresses for work for weeks now. I gave up on the belly band because i was so frustrated with my pants always falling down because they were unzipped...
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  • my pants still fit... kind of... but I bought some mat jeans that were on sale... and I love them. sooo much better than dealing with a button. (even with the rubber band trick)

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  • My pants still fit, but I won't be holding out forever. Maternity pants are soooo comfortable. This will be (hopefully) our second, so everyone said I will show faster. So I'm thinking the maternity clothes will be coming out earlier this time. I loved the belly band, so that will be coming out first. 
  • My jeans don't fit any longer, at least comfortably. I don't like using a belly band or rubber band. I have been in the yoga pants/leggings camp for a week or so and plan to stay that way for a while. I am having more problems with my shirts and giant boobs that decided to grow a whole cup size in the last two weeks. I need to find my old maternity clothes and see what will work for spring time and then see what dresses will work for spring/early summer. Then look into what I need to buy maternity clothes wise.
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  • Clothes are actually fitting just fine...and I'm totally ok with that lol. Ive gained about 4 lbs, but I think that's mostly water weight with all that I've been drinking. I've been looking at summer maternity clothes and considering getting a few things to stash away
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  • I packed up all of my regular bras last week, resigned to wear the two cheap but comfortable bras I bought a cup/band size up. Two weeks after I bought those bras (thankfully very on sale), I'm spilling out of one of them. So now I can't wear any of my cotton shirts or fitted sweaters.

    This week my fitted shirts started gapping.

    If this continues, by the time I get back from vacation, I will have to go topless.

    I really, really, really, really just want to spring for this 4 piece collection from Storq and wear them for the next 7 months.
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  • I've been in maternity jeans for a few weeks now. I have to wear my longer tops to cover up the elastic panel, but my tops are still fitting fine. I had some bigger bras stashed away from my last pregnancy, so I've been fine in that department, as well.

    I love Gap maternity clothes. I'm wearing a pair of jeans right now and they are insanely comfortable and really well made. I also got some jeans from Loft maternity. Old Navy is cheap, but my jeans didn't even make it a couple weeks without holes in the maternity panel, so I'm trying to stay away this time around.

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  • My clothes still fit, but I remember with DS I woke up one morning and no pants fit, so I did the whole belly band that day.  Hated it and ran to Motherhood on my way home.  So, this time I just bought a few things from ON the other day during the 30% off sale.  Hopefully I don't need them before the skinny jeans I bought come in.  

    I wish I had most of my maternity stuff from DS, but sadly one weekend our cats locked themselves in our room while we were OOT and they happened to pee all over the maternity clothes I had sitting in a box to pack away from cleaning my closet before our trip.  Ruined!
  • Still able to wear my jeans (though I used to need a belt).  I'll be going shopping in the next week or two to try stuff out and see what I like.  I don't feel like I'd enjoy the belly band... I mean, it just covers up the fact that your pants aren't buttoned?  Do they connect to your pants or anything to help them stay up???

    A lot of my shirts will work for a while I think.  With my body type I prefer a top that's a little more fitted in the chest but loose over the stomach.  But my husband is all about I can buy whatever I need, so... yeah, shopping is in my near future :)


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  • I haven't gained or lost any weight, but my clothes are starting to feel uncomfortable. My jeans are too tight even with the hairband. I bought the belly band to see if it would help with my work pants, but I don't like it. It feels too tight around my tummy, and I keep having to fix it every time I stand up. I ordered a few basic tops from ON, but I will most likely need to take the plunge and buy some maternity pants soon.
  • My jeans have been a bit snug since 6 weeks so I've just been hanging around in leggings, yoga pants, etc.. Monday DH & I were running errands and I saw myself in a mirror and noticed that my lower stomach definitely has definition and is a bit noticeable. Today I tried on another pair of jeans and some fitted pants and noticed they were digging into the little pooch. Time to start browsing maternity..
  • DH took me to the mall today after I spent 2 hours cleaning out my closet. I put everything into 3 groups- get rid of, keep in totes for after pregnancy and stuff that still fits. I pretty much had a closet full of flyaway cardigans and Old Navy tank tops. Our JCP does not carry maternity. Macy's just sold Motherhood so we decided to just go to the actual store in the mall. They had pants BOGO 50% off. I couldn't believe how pricey their stuff is. Walked out with a pair of jeans that I love though and a pair of skinny leg black pants for home and work.

    My shirts also feel super clingy. I couldn't bring myself to pay $30 for a tshirt at Motherhood today. I will be checking out Gap tomorrow. Not sure if our store carries maternity or not. Never realized I would be so short on options!

    Glad I'm not alone though!

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  • so far, the Bella band by Ingrid & Isabel is great. Target carries a cheaper line from the same makers but it's not as good. it's missing the rubber lining that hugs at the bottom so your pants don't fall and the fabric is not as thick as the Bella band. at 9 weeks, it seems to be okay for now. I got it at Thyme Maternity in Ottawa

    I recently got awesome sleepwear from Target. no underwire, protruding seams, buttons, elastic, - really important for good sleep
  • My clothes still fit the same. At least pants and shirts. My bras were actually slightly loose and now fit much better. I'm excited to show a bump and hoping mine appears soon so I look and feel pregnant, but I know some people don't show until closer to 20 weeks. I used to be obese (healthy weight now) and am somewhat paranoid of gaining too much, so this may cause me to not show until later. I haven't noticed the bloat others have talked about, but I've never experienced PMS symptoms either. Maybe it's related? I've had just about every pregnancy symptom except bloating though.
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  • I'm wearing my prepreg pants with a Bella band and looser tops. I have a few pairs of pants one size up that are also starting to get snug. I'm only 8 weeks and showing much faster than my first two pregnancies. I feel discouraged about that sometimes, but I am trying to embrace it.
  • I can't wear any of my jeans or pants - so I have one pair of maternity pants I'm wearing. Other than that - my dresses and tops still fit.
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  • I'm only 9 weeks and not one pair of pants fit and my belly band does the same thing. I've been occasionally wearing some maternity clothes I kept from my son. But yeah, I need them. I had luck at JCP , targetandmotherhood maternity.
  • I actually found my Bella Band (actually a Bella Band) at Burlington Coat Factory for $9.99. Not sure who has one around them but check it out if you're in the market for a belly band still. Half off is awesome! They had black and white.

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  • I started wearing maternity jeans at 7 weeks just because they fit better. I can still button my regular jeans but they are uncomfortable. I paid good money for these clothes so I am going to wear them as much as I can. I agree with looking forward to summer - skirts and dresses :) I love being pregnant just because I feel cute again.
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  • I'm holding out on wearing my maternity ABUs for work for as long as possible. But I think I might have to give in next week because I can only go so long wth having the top button undone on the pants. I am almost at the second button. By the end of the day all I want is to just take the pants off. And my tops are starting to not fit either.

    I have two pairs of maternity shorts and some pants I bought for church that I bought at Motherhood. I also have some tank tops and bras from there.
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  • Anyone else think that the waistbands on Target maternity pants are too tight?
  • I've been wearing some maternity stuff for a few weeks now, just bcs it's more comfy.  I don't love fiddling with my belly bands, but maternity jeans don't stay up all that well yet (I have full panel, not low panel - those might stay up better with a smaller bump?).

    I mostly just wear dresses to work so that's working fine, though my coworkers have started to notice.  I lent a bunch of my maternity clothes to my neighbor and she's bringing it all over this weekend, so I'll see what I have and what I need.

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  • My pants still "fit" but they are super uncomfortable and muffin-top inducing.  I bought two pairs of maternity jeans on ebay yesterday and looking forward to being more comfortable once those arrive.  

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  • My work pants were also giving me probs this week. Sigh. I'm not much of a dress or skirt person either so I know if I suddenly show up in a dress I'll get even more strange looks. I have one pair of jeans that are still comfortable.

    I'm headed out to get a couple new bras here shortly, and might browse the maternity section...I was hoping I wouldn't have to do so this soon!

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