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Bedsharing with a 6week old

Hi guys! This is my first time posting on attachment parenting. I'm a FTM to a 6w baby girl.

We've been bed sharing for 3 weeks and it's been great. I've got a very high pillow top mattress. I've been using two tube socks filled with rice (magic bags) on each side of her so that she doesn't roll into me or toward the edge of the bed. Rolling to the edge would be very hard at this point because, well she doesn't roll yet and it would be an uphill battle because there's a pocket in the pillow top from where I sleep. Anyways, I bought a toddler rail yesterday and because our mattress is 18" high it only provided me with about a 2" rail.

Does anyone know where I can purchase a toddler rail meant for pillow top mattresses?

Re: Bedsharing with a 6week old

  • i don't think there is one. (someone correct me if i'm wrong!) i tried to find one because we also have a pillow top mattress, but none of them were high enough because the mattress was so deep.

    one thing i'd seen suggested (but never tried myself) was to put a foam pool noodle under the fitted sheet as a barrier.

    if you have a regular crib that converts to a toddler bed, you can remove one side and side-car it to your bed.

    alternatively, you can remove your bedframe and put your mattress/boxspring on the floor, so at least you're lower.

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