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Any July babies in Bangkok?

I tried to find people in Yangon, but that didn't happen.  I will be giving birth in Bangkok in July, so will be there from 6 June on.  Is there anybody out there who will be having a baby in Bangkok in July?  I really hope so.  This is getting pretty lonely.

Re: Any July babies in Bangkok?

  • I'm not of much help as I'm in Singapore & due in June but there are loads of baby groups in BKK. Have you looked at BAMBI ( We were thinking of moving there a few months ago and I did a bit of internet research and came up with loads of resources. Good luck with everything! One of my good friends lives in Yangon--it's such a small community I'd bet you know her. :)
  • Not me. I'm in the Philippines but what took you to Yangon?
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  • Husband's job took us here this time; I work too, though.  Unfortunately, this city has made me one of those negative expats.  I try so hard not to be, it's just a really bad fit for me.  Can't wait to go to bkk to have the baby!
  • Thanks so much.  Will try looking now.  I'm curious who your friend is.
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