How many of you went into labor before your scheduled RSC?

I am curious about the likelihood of this happening. My first CS was a result of failure to progress. In spite of cytotec (sp) and 24 hours of maximum dose of pitocin, I didn't dilate even 1 cm. This happened at 41w2d. I am pregnant again and this time unfortunately they won't schedule my RSC until 39w6d. Given my history, I was told not to worry much about going into labor but I am still concerned and secretly worried about being pushed into a VBAC, as my hospital is very pro everything natural. Anyone have similar stories that would set my mind at easy, please share :-)
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Re: How many of you went into labor before your scheduled RSC?

  • I labored for my 1st, ended up with a c/s.  Had a RCS for #2, no labor.  With #3, I went into labor at 34.6 weeks.  I was 4cm when I arrived at the hospital.  They did my c/s right away.  If you go into labor, tell them you want a RCS and don't let them push you into something you don't want. 
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  • I was really late with DD (41+ weeks) and wasn't expecting DS to be early, but my water broke at 38w4d, several days before my scheduled RCS.  It was pretty low stress.  I wasn't feeling contractions yet, so I called the hospital, took a shower, got to the hospital an hour later, got tested to make sure my water had broken, waited for the surgical team to show up (it was the evening of Thanksgiving, I had him at a smallish hospital, and there weren't a lot of staff on site), and had DS about four hours after my water broke.  I was having stronger contractions by the time I went into the OR, but I was able to manage the pain a lot better than with DD.

    As for being pressured into a VBAC - I don't know if this is usual everywhere, but I had to sign a consent form well before my RCS expressing that I was aware of the risks of the procedure I chose, either way.  I would think if you had discussed your choice with your provider, your OB/hospital would need to follow through unless there was a medical reason not to.  I actually could have VBACed DS, I think now (he seemed to be much better positioned and readier to come out than DD, and what I experienced of labor was easier), but once I showed up at the hospital there was never any question they would just do the c/s early.
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    I did--RCS was scheduled for week 39, started having contractions mid week 36;  spent the night in the hospital but didn't progress so was sent home.  Was home for 2 days (had contractions on/off) and went back to the hospital when they became regular;  I was 36 weeks 6 days and they delayed the RCS until I was in week 37....DS was born at 1:01am.  He was considered full term cuz I was technically in week 37.  He's going to be 4 in a little over a week :-)  completely healthy and in the 90th percentiles for everything.
    It was all over my file that I was a RCS--no one even brought up VBAC to me when I went in early
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  • I was scheduled three times and went into labor the first two times at 36 weeks and 37 weeks after very uneventful pregnancies. With number three I had a three day hospital stay at 34 weeks for preterm labor then made it to my scheduled c at 39 weeks.
  • Both times I was scheduled for C-sections I ended up going into labor at 37.5 weeks (I was scheduled at 39). I went straight to the hospital after my water broke and my sections were done within an hour or so. I'm wondering if this one will follow her siblings and decide to come before her scheduled arrival on the 28th of April. 
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