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Very Fertile....Just cant hold?

I see all the infertility boards and groups etc...I don't know if I fit in that group or not. I have had 4 pregnancies this last year with no babies at home. My husband and I conceive no Problem!! Even when we are being careful we are pregnant Boom! I do not have any idea why I cant hold I have enough medical knowledge, the doctors cant figure it out etc. I guess I am really looking for a group, board, etc that I would fit into(: anyone else have this issue??

Re: Very Fertile....Just cant hold?

  • Hi Amandabanana123,

    I'm sorry for your losses.  I'm not sure what your history is.  Have you seen a Reproductive endocrinologist or are you only working with your OB?  I would suggest TTC after a loss

    Good luck!!   

    ::: Married June 2003:::
    TTC #1 since: Aug. 2008
    Me: 34, DOR, MTHFR-A1298C (heterozygous), decreased blood flow to uterus, Mild Endo
    DH: 38, Balanced translocation 5&10, unexplained MFI, normal SA and SCSA
    Tx History: IUI 1&2= BFN
    IVF# 1 W/ICSI= BFN
    IVF# 2: cancelled d/t no response
    IVF# 3= 1 egg retrieved=immature/not viable
    IVF# 4= c/p
    ***CCRM ODWU***
    Found DHs BT and Me-decreased blood flow to uterus
    Recommended DE IVF w/PGD, incorporate electro-acupuncture. Decided to cycle locally
    ***New RE***
    DE IVF# 1(cycle #6) w/pgd, (freeze all): 30R, 23M, 15F, slow/poor embryo development, 4 biopsied, 1 Normal "Norm"; DE IVF w/PGD, incorporate electro-acupuncture. 
    IVF# 6: (OE/DS) cancelled
    IVF# 7: (OE/DS) 1R, 1M, 1F, arrested day 5
    Plan-DE IVF# 2 (cycle #8): DE/DS in May 2015
    imageimage image 
  • I too would guide you to ttc after a loss. That community is very strong. I am a member of that one too. I am sorry for your losses and I would follow mrs.mcirish advice about the doc. Good luck and I hope to see you on TTCAL.
    ******************** BFP Warning *******************
    I'm 29 and DH is 32 we have a MFI (low count) 
    IVF #1 starting in August. ER 9/5/13 23 eggs we are fertilizing 15. 9 frozen
    ET 9/10 - transferred 1 perfect 5AA blast
    7dp5dt BFP ~~ Beta on 9/19 - 77.4 Beta #2 on 9/21 - 357
    Low heartbeat on 10/7 86, lower heartbeat on 10/11 76, no heartbeat 10/14/13. D&C 10/15/13
    Tests revealed MTHFR c677t mutation, put on Folgard.
    FET #1 1/6/14 - 4BB blast - BFN
    FET #2 - 3/3/14 - 5AB Blast -- Beta #1 3/12 - 152 -- Beta #2 3/14 - 358
    FET #3 06/09/16 - 5AB Blast - Beta #1 6/18- 245 -- Beta #2 06/20 - 600
     PAIF/SAIF/PAL/SAL welcome!

  • Thanks Ladies(: I live in a very small town so seeing a specialist is even hard, I have to travel to oregon where my insurance will not be accepted. my doctor is not really trying to help us get pregnant or try to keep a baby really either, my husband has wanted me to get a new doctor for the last year. My doctor told me to go be 20 etc and kinda treats me like his kid so thats hard, my age should not be an issue I went to college, got married and want babies!! (: so thanks for all the pointers ladies and I hope all is well with you!<3
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