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Night time diaper fun.

DD has started a lovely new habit... taking her jammies and diaper off at night and waking up in a wet bed. She still won't tell us if she has gone pee or poop yet (we are working on that now) so I am not 100% sure its the right time to start potty training... I honestly don't think she is ready. Any ideas on how to keep the diaper on at night? 

Has anyone started potty training?
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Re: Night time diaper fun.

  • Don't have any ideas but just want to let you know you are not alone. Luckily James has only taken the diaper off once but taking clothes off is a nightly occurrence. He likes trying to put them back on though so that's a plus.

    We plan on starting potty training in the next month or so. We bought a potty chair almost 6 months ago so he could get used to it but never had him use it. My oldest was potty trained by 18 months so it feels kinda weird having a 20 month old still in diapers all day.
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  • Have you tried using pull ups, putting her in a onesie and pants over that?
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  • DD has been out of diapers for almost two months now.  I am really surprised that she is even night trained.  It has been nice not to have to do so much laundry :)
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  • Try using a sleep sack... those are hard to get out of :)
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