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Toddler Bed

Who else has a LO who is climbing out of the crib? 

James has figured it out. So tonight we start on the toddler bed. We tried a couple months ago but then something happened(don't remember what) and so we put him back in the crib. I would rather have him out playing on the floor and falling asleep then climbing out, falling and getting hurt in the process. 

Hoping this is the right move as we haven't moved Alexander into his crib yet. After we get James used to the toddler bed we will move Alexander. 

Please tell me he isn't the only one escaping!
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Re: Toddler Bed

  • DS was climbing out around 12 months and has been in a toddler bed since then. It has worked very well for him however we do have a gate up in his room so he can't get out he gave us quite the scare one morning when he came to our door.
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  • DD is way too tiny to be able to escape her crib. We're thinking of moving her to the toddler bed this summer, after we move to our new house.
    How small is your LO? I thought I had one of the smaller LO's on our board. He is only 21lbs and 32in. Granted he likes to figure out how things work so he has been climbing since basically the first day he was walking.

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  • Won't even think about it. I will keep her in there as long as possible. DS was in his until 3.
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  • He's not climbing out yet. We will move him once he climbs out which I hope is far in the future! 
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  • DD climbed out today during her nap!  I was hoping to keep her in as long as possible but we will see if she remembers her new skill or not. Its nice to hear there is some toddler bed successes already.
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  • We're definitely not there yet. Maybe we'll try it after her second birthday.
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  • Mackenzie sleeps in bed w/me :)
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  • @DisneyPeanut oh wow! yea yours is definitely a peanut. My 9 month old is the same size as her. 

    Congrats on your new LO!
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  • My son hasn't really made a solid effort to climb out yet. He climbs everything else in the house so we are keeping an eye on it, but we won't move him for a little while yet. He'll just get out of the bed and play or walk around.
  • Ours hasn't attempted to climb out of the crib, but we moved her to a "big girl bed" (with a side rail) about a month ago.  She sleeps there just fine and wanders into our room in the morning for a snuggle. She sill naps in the crib though- she is very resistant to naptime right now and won't stay in the big girl bed.
  • Mackenzie sleeps in bed w/me :)
    This, but since DD's crib converts into a bed, I am thinking about "side-caring" it. DD is a bed hog and our king bed isn't enough for her...
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