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Birth control after LO's arrival

I was on the pill from 18 till 34. I did not have any side effects and would be fine with starting it up again but I have heard there are more risks taking it over 35. I'm really not excited about the idea of an IUD, injection, or anything that has to be inserted inside me. We have decided that we will not be having anymore children and I have discussed DH having a vasectomy with him. While he's not completely opposed to it he is nervous about the idea. I would not be opposed to having my tubes tied either it's just that that is a more invasive procedure. Have any of you ladies thought about what you will be doing for birth control? Any suggestions for different methods?


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Re: Birth control after LO's arrival

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    I've kind of been having this conversation with my husband lately. Two weeks before I fell pregnant, I was finally trying to deal with some raging hormone issues (they have blighted my life for years) and my Gyne decided I should try the pill again one last time. I've never been able to take it due to violent side effects so I wasn't keen but figured it was worth a try as I'd just had surgery to remove fibroids and polyps and it was time to explore solutions. Well that went out of the window as I didn't even get a chance to take one single pill! Anyway, I'm not hopeful that it will be successful after the LO arrives as it never has been. So personally, I would rather not take the pill, and I am favoring my husband having a vasectomy. A vasectomy can be done with a local anesthetic, female sterilization is general anesthetic. There's one reason alone to prefer a vasectomy but there are more that you could maybe explore and discuss with your DH. My husband is not keen on the idea but for the wrong reason (IMHO) with that sole reason being that it "makes him shudder thinking about it". Well this doesn't fly with me but I haven't pursued it further... yet. 
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    There are increased risks over the age of 35 for birth control pill but speak to your physician for their recommendation to you as it depends on your specific family risk factors.  I know I will never be on any hormones due to my specific family cancer risks.  I wish you well.  My dh and I will let nature decide for us...
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    I had to go through some surgeries to get pregnant so I told my husband that when we are done making babies, which will be after these two, it is his turn to take care of the birth-control :)

    I took the pill for years, but have found out I have a clotting disorder so it is no longer an option.
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    Ugh.  I haven't thought about it.  One more thing to add to the list.  Is anyone else tired of decisions?? :)
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    I haven't brought it up with DH but I would prefer for him to have a vasectomy over any other options. I seem to remember once when this topic came up a while ago he said he would never get one, though. I don't think he realizes how much more of a procedure it is for women to get their tubes tied or that there are risk factors for being on the pill after a certain age. As @QOTR said I am already overwhelmed with figuring out so much stuff right now! My neighbors were just asking me about schools for LO. Aaaagh!
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    Totally agree with Beachgal72 - Men often seem to be averse to a vasectomy (in my experience anyway) and get a little dramatic over it. It's such a simple procedure and so much safer than a general anesthetic for a female sterilization or having to take the pill with it's well publicized potential health issues which can be fatal. Of course, it's a little uncomfortable for a few days but giving birth isn't exactly a walk in the park!  It's not tit-for-tat but it's really the obvious solution to my mind. Simple, safe, easy and the best solution when you decide you're done with having kids. 
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    DH is getting a vasectomy.
    He's just waiting on the date.
    We're hoping it can be done before LO is born.

    As for the pill over 35.
    True, there can be additional risks, but it doesn't mean you can't take it.
    - it depends on risk factors due to family history, such as heart disease, stroke, clotting disorder, cancer, high bp, etc.
    My doc would put me on it, but monitor me closely.

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    @QOTR  your are so right!

    We hope to try for a 2nd (at least that's what we think so far) so no b/c after this one, but if we are able to have a 2nd then after that, I don't know.  Other than a vasectomy nothing sounds good to me and that will be a haaaaarrrrrrd sell to DH.  Can't be on pill while BFing, right? and anyway I'd be well over 40.  I hate hate hate hate hate condoms and some days that is what helps me stay married.  LOL but a little serious there.  Other barrier methods are a drag too and I'm sensitive to spermicide so ... blah.  Not much for good options!  
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