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Update - 6 weeks - no yoke sac?

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So, I went in today for an ultrasound. Should be 6 weeks today. No yoke sac, but there is a double walled gestational sac(??). They want me to come back next Monday for another scan. Has this happened to anyone else? I don't know if this matters but my 1st hcg levels (10 days ago) were 2130, 2nd levels (2 days later) were 5700. They also took blood today to check levels again. Should have those results tomorrow. Thanks in advance for the response! **update** got my hcg results back & level was at 33,000. I am so confused - why so high if there wasn't anything seen?

Re: Update - 6 weeks - no yoke sac?

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    Maybe you aren't as far along as you thought? I think that happens quite often. I hope everything turns out well!
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    I hope next week's scan brings you some relief.  Good luck!
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    I had a very similar situation with this pregnancy and it turned out I wasn't as far along as I thought I was. Numbers going up is a good sign. Just try to relax and see what happens with the next set of testing. Good luck!
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    Ts and Ps for you!
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    Sometimes u/s can be tricky. Try to just breath until they take another look.
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