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Do you feed your baby eggs? I do, and then today I got an Everyday Family email (Your baby is ... weeks old!), and it said they should only be having the yolks until they are one. News to me! I guess she's not allergic...
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Re: Eggs

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    DD had a reaction. i heard that usually babies grow out of egg allergies and she seems to be growing out of hers.

    It used to be that if the yolk accidentally had a little white in it, she would yak, now if she has a little white she's just fine.

    We won't try whole eggs for another 7 months yet. I want to be sure that she's outgrow her reaction 100%
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  • We have tried eggs, DS doesn't like them but doesn't seem to read. We have given him pieces of orange though and that's supposedly a no no until they are older. If your baby doesn't react then I say go for it. It's just those items tend to be more allergenic and it's harder for a baby to tell you they don't feel well if the signs aren't obvious.
  • DD has been baking whole eggs since 6 months. I'm in Canada and our guidelines are anything but honey until age one. No other restrictions!

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  • I heard yolks were fine, but avoid the whites until 1.  DS HATES eggs so I probably won't try them again for a long time.

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  • We've tried eggs 3 or 4 times and she vomited the 1st and 4th time eating them.  Our pediatrician basically said to keep trying them regularly so she would get over the reaction.  
  • Yes scrambled eggs for the past month. He loves them!
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  • Well I guess it's not that weird then! I feel better, thanks for the replies!
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  • I had been doing whole eggs too, no idea you weren't suppose to. LO just loves to eat so I'm totally grasping at what things I can feed him.
  • DD is allergic. I asked the allergist if I should have waited and he said no. He says there is no evidence that delaying any food will prevent allergies.

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  • DD has been eating scrambled eggs, eggs in breakfast casserole, you name it.  We went out for Chinese this week and she was thoroughly enjoying her egg foo young.  
  • Dd loves eggs, pedi just said no honey or seafood till after one.
  • Well DS now wants anything I am eating.  So this weekend he was freaking out over my scrambled eggs so I gave him some.  He actually seemed to like it which was a shock since he hated egg yolks. I figure he will be 1 in 2 weeks so that's close enough for waiting on feeding him the egg white.

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  • There is some debate if delaying exposure to certain foods will "prevent" allergies.  I have given DS eggs, wheat and peanut butter.  He also had strawberry puffs.  No allergic reaction.
  • It's not that delaying eggs prevents am allergy. The thing about eggs (and milk and shellfish I think) is that there is a protein or two that is difficult for an undeveloped digestive system to handle. They will just throw it right up. It looks like an allergy. They grow out of it or else they never have an issue at all. Unless, of course, they really are allergic..
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