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Birthday Party RSVPs

This is the first year we invited DS' entire class to his birthday party. So far out of the 24 kids only 2 have RSVP'd. I have the final day to RSVP on Friday. Would it be wrong to post a little reminder mid week to RSVP by Friday at his school? The invites went out 2 weeks ago.
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Re: Birthday Party RSVPs

  • I had the same struggle. ( scroll down for my post). I would do a reminder.

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  • groovygrlgroovygrl member
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    I find the whole thing of not RSVPing to these kid parties so weird & rude yet it seems to be totally normal, based on a lot of peoples' experiences on here and my own (maybe a large number of people think it means you only respond if you're coming?)...I don't think putting out a reminder if there is some appropriate  place to put it and make sure you include your email or phone on it in case they lost the invitation (do you have a parent board or something?) would be a bad idea but expect that some still won't do it. That being said, if people don't rsvp, take that as a no. They do have until Friday so some of them might just need a reminder or might be waiting to see how something else plays out, esp depending on when the party actually is. GL!

    (So I just did a quick google and found this reading some of the responses, it does appear that a lot of ppl only RSVP if they're attending...
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  • I am always amazed at the number of people who do not rsvp--totally rude.  I always rsvp the day I get the invite.  I would send out a reminder
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  • I called our non RSVPers and one mom had misplaced the invitation so she was happy about the call. The reminder sounds like a good idea.
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  • This happens all the time at our daycare. A reminder couldn't hurt, but it probably won't get you any more responses. I moved from an area where if a RSVP was requested EVERYONE would do it, to an area where no one seems to. It is really frustrating and hard to judge how many will come. For example, at my baby shower 6 people showed up that did not RSVP. I think in some places it is a cultural thing, but it still seems very rude to me.
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  • I had a bday party for my 4yo last month and invited 7 kids from his daycare class. Out of those 7, 3 said yes, 1 said no, 2 never responded and never came. The 7th, we happened to see the dad out to eat the week prior with the invited daughter and their other daughter so I casually mentioned the invite (the RSVP date was that day) and he said, Oh, I'll have my wife get back to you, she handles all of that. So I expected to hear something but never did... wouldn't you know they showed up - not only with the daughter invited but with her sister also. I ended up 1 short on a place to sit, party favor and game supplies. I was so annoyed.... I think it's so incredibly rude not to RSVP, you either know that you're going or not, have the common decency to let the person know.
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  • I am a little annoyed.  This will be DS first 'kid' party.  I sent out an invite to over 17 kids in DS's preschool.  Only 3 have responded one way or another.  They have 2 more days but the invites have been out for almost 2 weeks now.  We shall see if anyone else responds.
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  • Just to update. I ended up with a lot of late RSVPs. I did not posts reminder and no one showed up that did not RSVP.
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  • fredalina said:
    Poor Char's birthday is early summer so a lot of people are gone. For her third we invited a lot of kids from school and only one came; she RSVP'd. Had one RSVP yes but not come. No one else came or RSVP'd. I saw one dad of 2 kids in the parking lot and casually asked if they were going to make it and he made me feel like crap, acting like I was putting him out even inviting them because they were very busy. (Maybe he was annoyed I asked in front of the kids because I can't think any other reason to be so pissy). The next year I picked 2 school friends and worked around their schedule. This year we are going to do an early party the weekend before school is out and invite everyone. Hopefully a decent few will show.

    ***This pretty much happened to us last year for DS's first friends party. His birthday is the beginning of June and I strongly thought about having a party with his class mid-May. The weekend before they get out is Mother's Day weekend, the weekend after they get out we will be at the beach for a week, and the weekend after that is Memorial Day weekend, so we're just hoping for a better turnout than last year's 2 classmates the first weekend of June. We had 2 RSVP yes and show up, 1 RSVP yes and couldn't come because she was sick, and one RSVP no because they were out of town. The other 5 I never heard anything from them. It's aggravating trying t plan around not knowing who will show up and who won't.

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