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So every year at the school I teach at, I write and create a music video to help pump up our students for our state test. Zayn offered me all of his fancy schmancy producers and camera workers and all those other technical people, but I wanted to stay true to my roots and just use my little hand held camera. I didn't want to be known as "that wife" that uses her super rich and famous husband. Here is the link to our fabulous video this year! I think next year I shall use a 1D song....


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TTC since June 2009
01/10- Femara
03/10- Femara
07/2010- Clomid with injectables and IUI #1
08/2010- IUI #2
06/2011- IVF #1 BFP!
09/2011- Miscarriage at 10 1/2 weeks
11/2011- FET
01/2012- Start Home Study process
03/2012- Home Study approved and now waiting on our child to find us!
07/2012- matched with a BM who is due in October!
11/10/12- our son is born!
11/13/12- court grants us custody!
 12/28/12- finalization! Always ours in our hearts, also ours forever


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