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Question about feeling movement

I have a question about feeling baby move and kick count.  My OB told me very early on that I might not feel baby move until later in pregnancy and I might not feel baby move as much as a mother without fibroid tumors would.  I felt first flutters @ 17 weeks and felt them very sporadically. I was just happy to feel movement so early.   For a few days later in pregnancy I could feel consistent big movements then could no longer feel them for a time.  Then for a couple of weeks I could feel movement off and on all day every day.  Then again it stopped.  The morning that I had not felt any movement was also a morning that I had bleeding.  I went is for an u/s and the tech asked what problems I was having as she started the scan.  I told her about the bleeding and that I had not felt baby move all morning.  She said don't worry, it is moving a lot now, it even has hiccups.  I felt nothing.  I always feel baby move on left side and sometimes in the middle, but not on the right side.  When I went in for having contractions and bleeding, baby was moving a lot and I could feel it.  The u/s tech at that time said wow I am surprised you didn't jump on that one, you felt that right?  I had to reply no because at that point I felt nothing.  I guess now to get to my question.  I have the fibroid tumors and an anterior placenta with placenta previa. Anyone else have issues feeling baby move consistently?  How do you know when to be concerned?  My OB just said go with what is normal for me.  I wait to see if I feel at least a flutter of movement.  I have been told to drink OJ and stay on my left side and that doesn't work for me, nor does drinking soda, playing music, or jiggling my belly.  I don't think the issue is baby not moving, I think it is that I don't feel it.  With all of my issues, sometimes I get concerned about how he/she is doing in there.

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