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A flower delivery guy just knocked on my door with a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers....

They were for a woman 3 doors down...sigh.


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Re: O...M...G!

  • COME ON flower guy! What a douche, I bet he did it on purpose.
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  • Shabutie said:
    COME ON flower guy! What a douche, I bet he did it on purpose.
    I feel like he did, our offices are clearly marked.  I seriously got all butterfly-ish in my stomach...what a let down.


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  • Awwwwwwwwwww... I was about to say that I just had the sh*t scared out of my by three doorbell rings & a million knocks not giving me time to get the door instantaneously.
    DH got me flowers.
    I'm concerned about the price. LOL

    haha, this is why I tell my husband he's not allowed to buy me roses anymore. I mean, they're beautiful and I appreciate the thought, but all I can think is "that could have paid for a date night/some kind of delicious food"
    He's not allowed to not get me chocolate, though :P
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  • OMG that is kind of funny.... 
  • You know b/c it didn't happen to me.
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  • Oh no! Boo! I am hoping DH brings me flowers tonight.... I told him not to have anything delivered because it's one more thing to carry besides the infant seat and I dont have the patience for it.

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  • I don't know, I like flowers! They don't have to be fancy, but they last longer than chocolate (serious addiction here), they don't make me feel like crap like when I cram my face full of chocolate, and they kind of brighten up the room. They make me smile :)
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