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Has anyone used this site? Did it download 1,000 viruses on your computer or something? My friend sent it to me...and I'm tempted to download Her (Joaquin Phoenix movie) but seems too good to be true. 

Re: Tunemovie.com

  • I would feel weird downloading a bootleg movie because of that and well, getting in twouble.


  • *puts on tinfoil hat*
    [Deleted User]WasNotWasshella923klondikebar
  • That would be illegal, Batman
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  • Yeah it's def illegal so how is it allowed?! I'm not gonna do it.
  • WasNotWas said:
    Have you heard of drugs?
    ::calls @wasnotwas for the hook up::

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  • If you don't know what you are doing, don't do it. 

    I feel like that should be a basic tenant of life.

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