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Early PT & peeling after naps?

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We are a week into PT. Sometimes I can get her to pee right after she wakes and sometimes not. She not staying dry for naps yet just once. So I'm guessing that's because she may have peed in her sleep before waking. How soon after waking does your lo potty? She woke this morning and didn't pee for an hour! I was so nervous she was going to be my bed! I guess when they wake dry all the time chances are they will potty right away when waking?
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Re: Early PT & peeling after naps?

  • DD is 22m and daytime trained but she still pees in her sleep. If she does stay dry through nap time she usually goes as soon as I set her down, but I usually have to remind her. It helps if you can get them to go right before nap time too.
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