We got my daughter a walker cause she loves to hold our hands and walk around the house ( we all know how much this hurts mommy's lower back) however I have noticed now when we walk holding her hands she has regressed in her ability. She drags her right foot. Has been for the past few days, and she never did this before the walker. I'm thinking about taking the walker in the backyard and burning it! I'm so mad at my own laziness! WTH is wrong with me, I know walkers inhibit babies ability to walk alone. I will talk to her pedi at her 12 mon appt. Just wanted to see if anyone else had this issue or experience.

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    No, but physical therapists hate walkers and think they do hurt development.  Def discuss the dragging with your pedi b/c this might not be related.  I know it hurts your back to hold their hands, so just don't.  Once my baby was great at crawling, she kind of got over being walked around.  I completely quit walking her anyway because it just hurt.  They can develop the skills without help and this is often better for them.  
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    You can take the wheels off the walker and put it on a carpet to use as a stationary stander for short periods a couple of times per day. Otherwise, I second what others have said- lots of floor time and maybe have her try a push cart.
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    I would love to try the push behind but she falls over. Her arms are not strong enough to hold her up, which is her problem when trying to crawl also.
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    I think you have to be very close to walking to do the push behind anyway.  My baby takes independent steps and she still doesn't love the push behind because it can get out of control.  For now, I would say tummy time.  Get those arms and abs strong.  It would suck to walk and not have the arm strength to catch yourself, and I think cruising practice (using pulling up and arms) is important for walking too.  The PT pretty much yelled at me when I told her DD was into walking and said, it was always the dad's pushing their babies, what was the rush, etc.
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