Is it ok to go back to work?

I have a 26 weeker now almost 18 months with developmental delays. We have PT every week and lots if equipment at home we work with every day to aid in catching up. I'm currently staying at home full time and we can afford for me to no problem. I am going stir crazy and have the itch for a job big time. I've always been a busy bee that's worked full time so it's a big change for me. So I've been offered a part time job, 2 days a week, but I'm torn. I want to take it but I feel guilty. It wouldn't interfere with PR sessions but he would be away from home so he wouldn't get as much practice in those 2 days. Opinions on what you would do please!

Re: Is it ok to go back to work?

  • It sounds like you would be rejuvenated by this job.  I teach one day/week, and it is actually pretty stressful for me because taking care of my 12 month old and maintaining our house is really hard for me.  But it sounds to me like you think you can do it.  You can show your caregiver what to do, and it might actually be motivating to be around other kids if you choose daycare or someone else's approach could help.  If it doesn't work out or he needs more help, you can probably quit.  And although you say $ is not an issue, if you decided you wanted more therapy or something, perhaps the extra cash would help.  Do it!
  • You both make me feel better already. He would be with my mom or my husbands mom. We both decided paying for child care wouldn't make sense because I would basically be working just for that. So we went wraith family and it makes me feel more comfortable. And it's a fun job, nothing special, just working at the Buckle clothing store but it will be social and fun! I feel like I need to do it but I just hope I don't feel bad for missing out on time with him. PS he's Aug 23rd... That's cool they're so close!
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  • I say take the job! It sounds like the best of both worlds - time with your LO and time for yourself, or at least time for something that is just yours. I think you will really enjoy it!

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  • Oh, and you could always ask your mom or MIL to do some of his exercises with him when he is there! Ask your PT if she has any drawings explaining the exercises or maybe you could write them out. My son gets PT once a week also and my parents are familiar with his exercises so he can do them when he is there. Just an idea that might help! 

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  • Go for it. I work full-time and have since Anna came home last April, but I would love to go part time when DH gets done with school. Anna is either with my mom or DH. As much as I miss her, I think it's good for her. Sometimes she does more for them than me. 

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  • Thanks everyone for your encouragement! I put in my application and hope to start in the next week. 
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  • I say that happy mama = happy baby! I think it would be good to get out of the house, socialize and earn some money in the process.
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