CSection and Tubal

Did anyone get their tubes tied at the same time as their c-section?  How was recovery?  Were there lasting side effects?  TY!

Re: CSection and Tubal

  • Just had mine yesterday. So far, recovery seems exactly the same as previous c/s. Surgery took about an extra 15 min but not even sure that was all from tubal- I had a good bit of scar tissue.






  • I'm also planning to have the tubal with my C.  My doc says that I may notice additional pain and soreness higher than my incision area.

    He said, in general with the monthly cycle, I may notice a little more cramping during my periods because on heavy flow days the blood may back up into the fallopian tube and then hit that scar/barrier, causing pressure and some pain. But I don't usually cramp painfully and don't usually have very heavy flows, so I'm not very concerned about additional monthly pain.
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  • didn't notice a difference at all in my recovery
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  • thanks ladies!
  • I'm another one who didn't notice a difference with recovery
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  • I had one and I did have much heavier periods post partum, but I don't know if this is due to the tubal or just my body changing after having two babies and getting older. 
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  • I had one a year ago and my recovery was pretty easy.  I also haven't noticed any difference in my cycle since then.  Unfortunately, I still get one.  Wish they would have fixed that, too.  
  • Great!  Thanks so much ladies!!
  • I had a tubal done with my c-section, and I was fine.

    However, I am pregnant 14 months later due to a failed tubal.  :/
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  • @hopenotlost ACK!! That is scary stuff!! Best wishes to you!!

    PP, I had a RCS and tubal in November. My recovery was a lot harder this time around. However, my pregnancy was also a lot more difficult. Not sure if that could have played into it.
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