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If you work Full-Time and have 2+ Kids...Need Advice!

So both my DH and I work full-time with pretty demanding/stressful jobs.  We have a 5.5 y/o boy and 2.5 y/o girl.   It's seems lately I'm really struggling with keeping my sanity.  I feel like I am running a never ending marathon from the minute I wake till I go to bed.   Mornings are crazy getting everyone ready and out the door.  Usually involves some crying/whinning from one or both of the kids.  Then when I leave work at 5 to pickup my daughter from daycare it starts all over again.  Get home and I try to throw something together for dinner, kids are hanging on my legs wanting me to play with them.  DH is trying to clean up around the house.  Then there's homework and laundry too.  By the time my daughter falls asleep I'm exhausted and go to bed and it's only 8:30!!  My DH will then put our son to bed.  Weekends are always crazy too with ballet, swim lessons, chores, cleaning.  I just feel tired all the time!!   Plus my DD is going through the lovely terrible 2's and has been just a terror so that doesnt help! 

How are you other mommy's surviving?    I must say coming to the office is my only break where I can actually sit and breathe.  I can't even imagine being a stay-at-home mommy!     Any advice is appreciated.

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Re: If you work Full-Time and have 2+ Kids...Need Advice!

  • I have two Kids but one is a newborn so I'm still on mat leave. But a few things that help me when I work. 1. Hire a cleaning lady. Best money spent. 2. Make simple dinners. We have pizza one night. Other easy meals include fish sticks, hot dogs. I have even done cereal for dinner. I wish I had time to make fancier meals but something had to give. If I spent less time cooking I have more time for playing with the kids. I use these steam in bag veggies. We also do take out from a thai place.

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  • I feel the same way as you. My kids are 2 and 3.5 and DH works long hours so I'm on my own for dropoffs and pickups. I literally would not survive without my cleaning service. They come every other week and it is money well spent. I try to cook meals in bulk on Sunday so we can have a few nights of leftovers and then easy meals on other nights like spaghetti with veggies. We keep activities at a minimum right now- sat morning swim lessons for both kids and dance class one night a week for DD. I do most laundry on the weekend and throw in 1-2 loads during the week. I work really close to home so I come home at lunch a lot to take care of little things- empty the dishwasher, put laundry away, start the crockpot. I used to Wfh one day a week and that was a huge help. I also run errands at lunch- dry cleaner, pharmacy, pick up some groceries. It's so much easier than running out with the kids. and basically I just lower my expectations all around. Hope that helps!
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  • I found the same thing when I would get home -the kids were all over me while I was making dinner. Now I sit down for 10-15 minutes with them and have cuddle and talk to them or watch a quick show. My kids respond to timers. So i put the timer on and they know that when it goes off its time for mommy to get dinner ready. DS usually continues to watch TV and DD likes to help. I do very simple dinners during the week (last night was eggs, toast and cucumbers). Most Sunday's I try to prep stuff ahead of time. I always have cooked chicken in the fridge and rice. Its not fancy but it can be heated up very quickly.
    The kids just want me. They have been away from me all day and they need some time. So I give it to them and its really helped calm things down at my house.

    I also have a cleaning service. DH is only home 2 nights in the week and we will divide and conquer on those nights but usually I just let him play with them. I lowered my standards. Its not forever just for now.
    I really look forward to my post work cuddles.
    Good luck!
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  • I tell myself that it's not going to be forever. I try to remind myself that there are only this little once. And even on the crazy days, the days were I just want to run far, far away, I try to see the beauty in the little things. I know that sounds cheesy, but it works for me.

    I have a great partner in my H. He is incredible. Together, we make a great team and that's helpful also. 

    We are just starting to get DS1 on a chore schedule so that he can earn some allowance and understand the value of money management. Of course, this is very, very, very early stages we're talking here, but it makes for a better weekend when I am cleaning and he feels good about himself for helping. 
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  • I have two under 5 and it is overwhelming at times.  Definitely look into a cleaning service - that is huge.  We still have to clean up/wipe down daily, of course, but it is a major difference from trying to do it all.  We meal plan on the weekend and keep it simple during the week - crock pot meals, stir fry, pasta, etc.  I try to pick things that take 30 minutes or less to throw together after work.  For weekends we recently cut out a lot of errand running by ordering just about everything through Amazon.  We use their Amazon Fresh grocery delivery, too.  This eliminates a huge chunk of whining and in and out of the car, which is nice.  We usually still have to stop by the store for something or other, but it is a much quicker endeavor, and most of our weekend time can be focused on doing things as a family like going to the park, aquarium, etc.
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  • I try not to sweat the small stuff. Don't beat herself up if u make a simple meal to save time. For dinners I suggest a crock pot for meals. Fix it and forget it. I also try to get up 30 min early. It's amazing what we can't get done with 30 min and no kids. Don't forget to make time for yourself mama. Even 30 min alone can make a world of difference.
  • yeah.yeah. member
    I'm in the same boat, only I'm usually alone with the kids - DH works late.

    We don't do any weekday activities and only do one activity per season. Right now, DD1 is swimming and DD2 is doing gymnastics. Your kids are young. They don't need to be loaded up with stuff.

    I don't do anything until the kids are in bed. I get their dinner together then sit down and chat with them while they're eating. Then they go to bed. Then I make lunches, clean up, etc. I only get 2 hours with them on a good night, but it's a quality 2 hours.
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