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Moving with baby

Hello! Has anyone moved with a baby before? We are moving in a few weeks and my DD will be 11 months old. We will be staying with family for a month before we get in our new house. Any tips on making the transition easier for baby? She doesn't typically sleep well when we visit family for a few days, so I am worried that her sleep will get all out of whack.

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  • When we moved DD1 was 18 months old and we had to stay in a hotel for 30 days.  We bought a full size portable crib and tried to re create her bed with her sheets and sound machine.  We kept to her night time routine and it all worked out for us. Naps even went well keeping with routine.
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  • I am going to be in the same boat.  We close on our current house the beginning of march and have a few weeks before we close on the new place.  What will your lo be sleeping in during the in between time and is it what the lo usually sleeps in? If it is the pnp or something maybe try giving the lo naps in the pnp so they can get use to sleeping in their new bed.  Also, the routine will definitely help.

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  • Routine, routine, routine and make sure they are all set up before your final moving day.  We moved when my daughter was almost 5 months and we just made sure that we spent lots of time setting up her temporary room and had as many familiar things around as possible.
  • We moved last month, when DS2 was 9.5 months. It went fine. He did not seem phased by it at all. He was in our room before then and we moved him to his own room in a crib. He's actually slept a lot better. We kept our routine, etc. the same and have had no problems.

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