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Thank you card etiquette

My hubby and I have differing opinions on sending out thank you cards for our kids birthdays. I wanted to get some other opinions. Do you or don't you send a thank you card and why or why not? Thanks!

Re: Thank you card etiquette

  • Yes, we write thank you notes for the kids' birthdays.  I grew up writing thank you notes and just believe that it is the "proper" thing to do.  I am the one who writes them.  When DD turned 4 she started signing her name and I wrote the note.  At 5 she wrote "thank you!  Love, Sammie" and I wrote the note.  At 6 she will be writing the entire note.  I also don't do a generic, "Thank you for the gift."  I make sure the note states what the gift is, how she will use it, and a 'thank you for thinking of me' kind of sentence.  Same for DS. 
    DD~6 years old~born June 6, 2008 (1st grade)
    DS~4 years old~born November 6, 2010 (1st year of preschool)
  • I do if we didn't receive & open right in front of the person. (so if we have a bday party & ppl bring gifts but we don't open them there, I will send a thank you). I don't generally send if we are opening the gift with the person present and saying thank you after seeing it. I send many more thank yous than I receive... my nieces & nephews very rarely send thank you's though now that they're older we are more likely to get a voice message thanking us or maybe an email. My mom made me write them growing up. And you just reminded me I think I forgot to send one to someone from Xmas so I will have to do that right now...
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  • LO does his own thank you cards. They're just a bunch of scribbles right now but the relatives love them. Everyone is halfway across the country so nothing is opened in front of them.
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  • Dd is five and creates her own cards, she wrote thank you and her name. Like PP I wrote the rest. I believe she needs to do Thank yous so she learns to show appreciation and gratitude.
    Most other kids don't do them.

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  • If the person is not present when we open them then they get a phone call/email or thank you note. That is how we did it growing up, rarely was someone not present when gifts were opened though. Gifts were always opened at the party. Now that I have ILs that I am pretty sure expect a handwritten note and all our family lives across country, I am trying to get better at doing it.
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  • Oh yes, thank you notes for all bday presents. If there are random presents throughout the year (kids just got valentine books from DH's sister) we usually cover that with a phone call. That is how i was raised and saying thank you is very important. My nieces and nephews are all teenagers now and i get thank you texts which is fine by me.
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  • We send them for gifts the boys and we receive.  I typically have them say what they want me to write and then they sign it.  


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