8yr old brother has strep:(

My son has strep throat and now so do I. Please pray that the baby doesn't get it! My pedi said babies under one usually won't catch it. But we've both been in her face for the last few days. She will be one in a week. Positive thoughts appreciated

Re: 8yr old brother has strep:(

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    Strep's pretty uncommon under 3 years old, so you'll probably luck out  Lots of hand washing!  GL!
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    I had strep while DS was in the NICU. I thought it was just a sore throat and didn't take the precautions I should have. At the end, it was ok bc DS never caught it and neither did any of my family members. Hopefully you guys will be ok, GL!
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    So far she seems fine! Thank goodness! My poor son has been out of school for three days now, just laying in bed. That is SO not like him.
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