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Intro and question about peanut allergy

Hi everyone.  I am unfortunately joining this board after a blood test showed my 15 month old son is allergic to peanuts and eggs.  He is also MPI so I'd been dealing with that, but am most worried about the peanut allergy.  I have an appointment with an allergist on Wednesday and they said they will do a skin test.  Anyone know what kind of skin test they do for such a little one?  I have non-food allergies and got shots for years, so I have visions of that awful scratch test where they make you sit itching without being able to scratch the hives.  Will they do that?  Of course I"ll find out soon, but I am worrying.

Also, of those of you with peanut allergies - how many have to make their entire house peanut free?  I love my peanut butter and am still breastfeeding!

Re: Intro and question about peanut allergy

  • My DD was 3.5 when they did the scratch test--they did it on her arms. Her reaction was very severe, so they stopped the test after 5 minutes instead of 15. Her peanut allergy is really bad, so our house is nut free and we avoid all food that's made in a facility or on shared equipment with nuts. We eat sun butter instead.
  • What was your RAST # for peanuts? Do you know if was he positive for ara h2, that one most likely anaphylactic reaction status in peanuts.
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  • We have contraband on the top shelf but very very rarely get it out
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    What was your RAST # for peanuts? Do you know if was he positive for ara h2, that one most likely anaphylactic reaction status in peanuts.

    DD1's RAST # was a six--her IgE level was over 100. Edit: sorry-just realized you were asking the OP!
  • Thanks so much for sharing all of your experiences!  I don't know what the RAST is - he had the blood draw and it says: 
    "Allergen Peanut1.13<0.35KU(A)/L
    Interp: Class II-Moderate Response, Probably a contributing factor to total
    allergic load"

    so that makes me think maybe it's not that bad.  He had peanut butter and was fine with it for a few times, then all of a sudden one morning had puffy eyes and just one hive when he rubbed it on his face one day.   He actually had a worse rash when he ate avocado before, so I'm really hoping it is just a mild allergy and he does well at the appointment tomorrow.
  • The RAST # corresponds to where it says Class II, meaning his IgE level was between .70 and 3.49. 

    We have DD's checked annually to see if they change over time.  A lot of her tree nut numbers have gone down, but for her, peanut keeps going up.  At 3.5 her IgE level for peanuts was around 18 which would correspond to a RAST # of 4, but at 4.5 her IgE level was over 100 which corresponds to a RAST of 6.
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    Mine is 2.5 and he is class 3 at 13 for Ige under the Ara H 2 (f423)

    It says H2, h1, h3, h9 are systemic reactions and H8 milder symptoms. I thought is was interesting.

    We will be testing yearly also. His next test is July. I hope at least the other nuts go down.

    We're all class 2 @ various 2. Something's
  • So the allergist confirmed the allergy was significant with a skin test.  I guess I was hoping for the unlikely but I'm awfully disappointed.  Going to get an epipen tomorrow.  At least I knew to ask for a coupon since being on this board.
  • I'm so sorry peanut allergy was confirmed.  I know for me, it was not only shocking but the first few days were horrible as I was literally scared to feed my child.  However, it gets better.  DD is only 19 months but I've gotten into my comfort zone with her, know how to read a label and know what to avoid for us.  At this point, I consider us VERY lucky to deal with ONLY peanut allergy.  At least people are very aware of nut allergies and it's always clearly marked, etc.  My biggest concern is as she gets older and sweet treats at birthday parties, etc.  I remind myself there are worse things. DD hasn't had a reaction in 6 months (her first, hives) so I feel like I'm doing the right things.  I don't limit her where I feel I don't have to but I do basic things - very few limited desserts out, no asian food (although I think japanese might be an option later), etc.  I DO take her out to eat, everywhere my DS with no allergies goes, and just pay attention to our surroundings without impacting her quality of life.  It's a line that you will learn to walk.  It will be ok.
  • We have peanut and egg as well.  It is scary to think of because peanut is often severe and can progress quickly.  The egg is very likely to be outgrown so I don't worry about that one as much.  I do keep a few things in the house (like peanut butter) but I marked it that says "Not for x" (mostly for when other people are watching them, I didn't want them to accidentally grab it thinking it was sunbutter.  I'm the only one that typically eats the peanutbutter and I only do it occasionally.  I will say that his allergy is not so severe (at least so far) that he will react to airborne, etc.  I have stumbled before on unexpected things (chocolate that was made in facility with nuts, a certain brand of tortilla chips-Snyder's of Hanover, hoisin sauce).  It's remember to check all new things that I find hard.  And also holidays, etc., because of chocolate and baked goods.  The good thing is, that at 3, he totally gets it. So when I say he can't have something because of peanuts, he doesn't argue.  Good luck!
  • I'm sorry I don't have any advice. I just wanted to say our sons share a lovely name. :)
    Spelled the same too.
  • Allergies stink in general- we don't keep any nuts/peanuts in the house- I don't want any "accidents". It's scary but my family has been accommodating with removing nuts/peanuts from parties so its one less thing I have to worry about but I watch dd1 like a hawk - specially if there are other kids around.
  • They have you hold your child and do the scratch test. Not going to lie it wasn't fun. We eliminated all PB from out house, just introduced soy nut butter after he tried it at daycare.
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  • I have severe nut allergies and I am not sure how they do it now, but I remember having one when I was a kid after the school had to send me to the hospital when my throat swelled shut and I quit breathing. 

    I was probably 6, but clear as day they made me take off my shirt and took what to me at the time as a kid looked like stickers with traces of all kinds of nuts (50 or so?) and stuck them to my back, my entire back was covered in these stickers, they waited 5 minutes or so and peeled them all off, I had 40+ hives covering my back and my mom was given a list of all the nuts that caused a reaction, the itchiness lasted for days and I couldnt even sleep at night it hurt so bad. I HATED IT! I really hope there is something different these days, for your sons sake. It was worth it in the end because my mom had no idea I was allergic to so much and it's a wonder I didn't die from trying one of them. Surprised I was 6 before I ate my first peanut butter sandwich.
  • They take a board that looks like a loom with tiny needles in it. They press it down on your back and you have to lay on your tummy 15 mins.

    My 1.5 year old had this done a few months ago and it didn't even phase him other than he was pissed he had to stay on his stomach.

    They can do the RAST blood test which is just blood work and it is just as reliable.
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