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Any baby k'tan wearers? Sizing ?

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I'm having a helluva time deciding which size to get. Pre pregnancy I'm 115 lbs, 5'10". According to weight I should get an XS, but I worry that since I'm so tall it might be weird and maybe I should get a S instead (although the website only mentions being shorter than 5'2".)

Any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated, thanks!

Eta: And if I get the XS now I'm afraid it won't fit for a while since I'm currently almost 150 lbs (35w pregnant)

Re: Any baby k'tan wearers? Sizing ?

  • i am 5'2" and between 115 and 120 lbs when not pregnant, and i went for the size small. i was paranoid about it being too tight and hard to get the baby in. i also weighed more at the time that i ordered it, since i was only 1 month postpartum.

    so, this shorty's opinion would be to get the small. ;)
  • Does it still say to go by your fitted t shirt size? You really do want it a little tight.
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  • Damn, I still have no idea now! I guess worst case scenario is to order one, try if, and mail it back and exchange the size if needed .

  • i love my k'tan. I followed the tips and got the smaller size and it fits great. you definitely want it to fit snugly because it will stretch with use. it was a little tight at first, but after a minute or so it was great. if i use it a lot and it stretches, then i just wash it and it tighten up again. so easy!
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  • I'd size down - the k'tan stretches really easily and if it's too big, it's unsafe for baby.

    Or you could just skip the dilemma and go with a stretchy wrap instead (if you want stretchy) - perfect fit every time!
  • Go a size larger than you think you'll need. Both my sister in law and myself had to return for larger sizes.
  • I ended up getting a size larger than I needed by accident but instead of going through the hassles of returns, I washed it in hot water and put in the dryer. Fit perfect after that. It's also a way to make it snug again when it stretches out after lots of wearing.
  • This is my whole issue with the K'tan. It;s a great concept, but the sizing is limiting. Based on your immediate post-partum size, I'd say a small or medium, but if you drop the weight quickly, it XS is the right size for your pre-baby size. It will be unusable to you if it is too large, as you won't be able to get baby in the correct position with head high enough to kiss. Also, since K'tan is a stretchy carrier,  you may find that it isn't terribly comfortable after about 15 pounds. Do you have a babywearing group in your area? That is a great place to try out carriers. Do you have Craigslist? If you love the K'tan idea, buying a used one might make it easier to palate having different sizes.

  • I'm 5'1 and when not pregnant 120 lbs.  I got both the XS and the S off Amazon because you can return for free the one you didn't want.  After birth I tried them both.  By the size chart it said I should be the XS however, being a 34F when not pregnant or nursing there is NO WAY!  The S was perfect.  And after I lost the baby weight, I just got into the habit of washing it more often (I usually do a few loads of laundry during the week so it's not big deal) and it goes down in size until its stretches out again.  I really LOVED this wrap and highly recommend it to people!
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