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Hi everyone! I just discovered this board today and am very excited.

My name is Sam, I'm 27yrs old, and I currently have a 20 month-old daughter and am 26wks pregnant with #2. DD was born (8lbs) right on her due date via unplanned c/s after my labor stalled for 6hrs after reaching 7.5cm. I was beyond crushed as I really wanted a natural, drug-free birth.

My OB said DD never dropped down, was face up, and that I have a very narrow frame (front-to-back). She doesn't think I'm a great candidate for a VBAC but isn't stopping me from trying.

We are scheduling a c/s for right around my due date, as she doesn't want to risk LO being too big for my frame at the time of attempted VBAC. I am really hoping for a successful VBAC, but a little bit anxious as well. I can't be the tiniest person to ever give birth to an 8lb baby, right? Hoping to find encouragement through others' success!
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    Like the VBAC Facts Community on Facebook!  Tons of women on their have successfully had a VBAC with your same conditions.  They always post great informative posts as well!

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