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rec your lego organizer?

DS is just getting into legos and trying to build small things from the instruction booklets but I just had his mixed set of legos in a big bin it came in... of course trying to find the pieces is already making me nuts and he gets them all over the place, so I'd like to get something where we can separate out by color at least...he is only 4.5 so separating by color, size, type etc is well beyond him but maybe something he can grow with? I see a bunch of them on amazon but wondering real opinions & experiences about how to best organize?

Re: rec your lego organizer?

  • For now, DS is happy to dump & dig, but I think we are eventually going to get the Lego head as well, or the 3-drawer system you can find at amazon and target. Zulily had sorting trays 2/$6.99 the other day (so they may still?) that I think may be the ones that fit in the drawer system.
  • We gave up on lego organization! I have three boys (4, 6, and 8) the 6 yr old loves to use his imagination. My 8 yr old is just recently started to keep his sets together and in his room. We now have a lego area on their playroom with designated shelves for built Legos and a five drawer organizer for everything else. I should have just gotten one huge container for them... And am leaning towards that anyway. They actually don't play with much else right now! But Legos are everywhere!!!!!
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  • Thanks all!
    I am not forcing him into sets, but he saw the picture of the car in the booklet and wanted to try to build it...he loves free play also but I don't think that organizing by color & size is going to squelch his creativity... anyway, I think there is something to be said about following visual instructions as well, so both ways give different skills. I'm really hoping he doesnt want to keep all those put together sets...where do ppl keep them?!
  • DS is huge into legos specifically lego city and the creator sets. Organizing them is tough and i feel like it's evolving the more he gets into them!

    The creator sets (sounds like the car in booklet you mentioned) that make 3 different vehicles/models we keep in one of those tupperware containers (like the little ones for food that you can get at the supermarket) so he has them together. He will make it, take it apart and then put together the other car or whatever it is. He gets POd when he can't go from the car to to motorbike for example so he is good about scooping everything up for that set and using the container.

    We also have some small plastic drawers sort of like this for pieces but picture thinner drawers and 3 of them connected together.

    He loves to play with the models he has made and for the big ones, we really don't take them apart again. The police station was like 800 pieces so now that is a toy and he uses his cars/trucks with it. We also have PLENTY of pieces from other stuff that he does free play with. He really enjoys "rebuilding" by getting the directions to a model and digging through for the pieces. I picked up a photo box at ac moore and he keeps all of his direction books in there.

    I agree with what you mean about following the visual directions-- the skills from legos really blow me away. Enjoy playing!

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