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Any ballet mommies out there?

If there are any other dancer moms out there who have any suggestions about modifications that make things easier during pregnancy.  I'm trying to keep up with my ballet throughout my pregnancy and some things just are not comfortable anymore.  I'm already abstaining from any jumps since I feel like a dancing hippo and that baby might land on my bladder (anyone else have this feeling?) but was wondering what other stuff should be modified.  Also, how to deal with the need to puke even thinking about any tours ( singles, okay, forget anything more than that).

Has anyone else felt that at times their joints get stiffer?  I feel less mobile in my hips.

Re: Any ballet mommies out there?

  • Me :) Do you take classes? I trusted my teacher. I started with her before I was pregnant and she guided me in modifications. I didn't really start changing anything until 17-ish weeks. Sadly we moved around 20 weeks and I don't feel comfortable starting with a new teacher/class pregnant. I'd rather stick with someone who knows what I'm capable of. Listen to your body. It will tell you what is too much.
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  • Hi OP! I danced until 34 weeks when I had some pre-term complications come up (nothing to do with ballet). I stopped double turns at twenty weeks and quit turning all together except for piques at twenty-eight. Jumping I did until probably 30 but I didn't push it, just small leaps.

    I too was stiff and lost a ton of flexibility in my back. I returned to class the day after my six week post-op follow up and took it easy the first month or so.

    I only did pointe twice while pregs. That was just not happening even really early.
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