Left side pain post c - section.

I am 10 days out from a c section that went really well. Last night after sleeping in my left side, I woke up with shock like pain near my left hip bone. It is intermittent and has subsided slightly this morning. Anyone else have this? My incision is perfect and in tact.

Also, I had my tubes tied during my c section. I wondered if this has anything to do with it.

Any thoughts? I have an appointment this week, so I will officially get it checked out, but I assume this is just another random c section pain.

Re: Left side pain post c - section.

  • Where did your Dr stand when you had your c-section ?

    I sometimes get a strange sensation on my right side around my incision.  I have read that sometimes people get more strange sensations or pain on the side where the Dr stood and operated from.  Don't know if there is any truth to it, I just thought it was interesting.

  • I had that at first, but this is my other side. It's so bizarre.
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  • It sounds like nerve pain. I had my c-section almost 5 months ago and still get twinges from time to time. They've decreased significantly in intensive and frequency over time. It doesn't sound like anything to worry about and I'm sure your doc will be able to reassure you at your visit this week.


  • Thanks kaelarose13! That makes a lot of sense. I hadn't thought if that.
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