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Late bedtime? Napping?

Baby Gwen is 10 months. She finally falls asleep around 11 pm, wakes up often throughout the night (sometimes to nurse, sometimes to play!), and up for the day between 7:30-8:00. (I nurse her to sleep in my bed, as we bedshare). Her only naps are in the car from 11:15-11:45 when I pick up the boy I nanny for, and sometimes (but not always) from 3-4 when I drop him off and pick up my other 2 kids from school. Short car naps, plus her late bedtime, are really frustrating to me because there is never a baby-free moment at home (house = eternal disaster!), plus I work pt from home and cannot start until 11 pm when I am beyond wiped.
Oops, didn't mean to make it about me! I can tell she is tired, so I try everyday at home around 9:30 for a nap, again at 2:00, and try for bed between 7-8, but she just won't sleep. I know overtired babies have a harder time sleeping, but I have no clue how to get her the sleep she needs. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

Re: Late bedtime? Napping?

  • What all have you tried to help her nap?  I do think that better naps = easier bedtimes.  I still wore my babies to sleep at that age and then laid them down (or sometimes just wore them the whole time!).  It was a very wakeful point for both of my kids as they had just started walking and had a hard time shutting "off".  

    Does she seem tired at 9:30?  If she's showing obvious tired signs then, I'd try going for a nap a bit earlier since as you said overtired babies have a harder time going to sleep.
  • Agree w pp, is she an alert curious baby already? My dd is 2 1/2 now and from early on fought naps. Fought sleep. She would only take short naps on rides like you describe or sleep so long as I was in bed with her. We still bed share and I finally just started lying down with her for naps and she would sleep a good amount and finally bedtime got easier. I know it gets hard, especially working too! Can you take nap with her to see if it helps both of you while big kids at school? In the end, a lot of suggestions will be easier said than done. I resolved our house for a time in order to get her sleeping better- but she is only child for now soo get the logistics of that! I feel for you, we called her the child who never slept! She sleeps better now, but I think she is just a cuddler and once we resolved that, everything fell together. Sometimes she would nap for two hours in the carrier on my chest! Lol. Anyway- sounds like you have a smart baby who is very interested in the world and MAYBE the closeness of mama will calm her
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  • Thanks for responding! I nurse her in my bed for naps/bedtime. Sometimes I still try the swing, but she grabs the bar to make it stop swinging! :) Yes, she is very alert and curious about everything!
    I lost my ring sling, and will buy another soon. Maybe I could get her to nap in a sling? Thanks for your help!

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