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Video monitor rec.

Please recommend your video monitor. Looking for one with 2 cameras...need one for my 1.5 yr old as well.

Re: Video monitor rec.

  • We registered for a motorola video monitor.  It comes with one camera and one screen, but you can get additional cameras (up to 4 I believe).  Obviously haven't used it yet, but I registered for that one because of the additional camera option.    
  • We registered for/bought a Motorola MBP43-2 from Babies R Us a couple months ago. It comes with 2 cameras. Our baby hasn't arrived yet, but we set them up and really like how well they work so far. The picture/sound is great, and you can set it to scan between both cameras every few seconds. It's pricey, but we got it on sale and saved quite a bit.
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  • I have the Motorola monitor a and camera. I love it. My only complaint is that it does not have an auto mute when there is no sound in the room (I.e. Baby is sleeping). Other than that it's a fantastic monitor!

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  • We were given a Summer Infant video monitor and it works great.  They make several models and have some with multiple cameras.  The picture is very clear, and it picks up every little sound. Outs came with 2 monitors.  One large, 7 inch (i think), and a smaller, portable one.  The small one is great for when i'm running around the house, or even out in the yard.  
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