When to stop swaddling?

I recently took my son for his 4 month check up. He is 2 1/2 mo adjusted. His ped said he will be rolling over soon and only wants him sleeping in a onesie. No blankets. But I don't feel like he's close to turning over yet. He rolls from belly to back during tummy time but that's it. When did you all stop swaddling? Thanks!

Re: When to stop swaddling?

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    We stopped once they rolled… they were 6 months old, 3 and 1/2 adjusted.  We then went to sleep sacks so that they were still warm enough.  Actually Joey was harder to unswaddle so it was closer to 7 months.  We started at 6 months, but at that point they were STTN and then when we unswaddled him that all went to hell so we did it more gradually.  If he's not rolling back to belly then I wouldn't worry about it yet.  


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    We actually had our pedi say the same thing, as she rolled back to belly, but I think it was a fluke. Anyway, we tried not swaddling and after a couple nights she started getting up two and three times again. Back to the swaddle we went (but in the RNP to make sure she couldn't roll)! Made a world of difference and she started sttn again.

    She's getting close to rolling again, can tell she really wants to, so we're going to work on not doing it, but well see. DH put her down for a nap, unswaddled in the crib at 6pm and she's still asleep...but last night she was up three times with only one arm out.
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    She slept in a RnP until around 6-7 months. That's when we stopped swaddling. I know it's a lot later than most people. Around 4 months her pedi told us to stop swaddling. 

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    We stopped swaddling around 4 months I believe.  It had nothing to do with rolling, but our daughter prefers to sleep with her hands out under her head.  
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    We stopped right after he started rolling from belly to back.  It took about a month longer for him to roll from back to belly.  We switched from swaddles to fleece sleep sacks over his onesie, then to fleece footie pajamas a couple months later.  But he often liked to sleep with his arms out anyway, so it wasn't a difficult adjustment.  He just recently started rolling from his back to his side or belly in his sleep.  For months he still slept only on his back even though he was rolling both ways when awake.
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