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Hi everyone,  

I would like to ask my RE to run some immuno tests NK cells, haplotypes, etc.
I do get hives for no reason occasionally, so I am worried it might be causing problems? Idk...

At what point did you have yours done and was it something you suggested or your RE did?


Re: Immuno Testing

  • Sorry I don't have an answer for you. This is something we're just starting to explore for me but we're not doing any official testing yet. I did get a Kenalog shot and I'm on Dexamethason this month with my Clomid. If we have another failure then we'll look into testing since he thinks there's something more going on.

    I also have hives constantly. I was on an OTC antihistamine for 2 years just to manage the hives and got fed up. So we went for the Kenalog and it's been a life saver so far! No more hives!

    I don't think it would be inappropriate to start talking to your doc about possibilities. Good luck!!
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  • It doesn't hurt to ask. My doc never brought up autoimmune testing. I brought it up in our WTF appointment after IVF #2 failed, but he wasn't into it. Then we consulted with four other REs in the area. One of the four wanted to do the testing. It seems to be something that is not done by all clinics.

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  • I just had mine done after we'd been trying for 2 years, seeing an RE for 9 months, and had exhausted literally every other explanation for why I'm not getting pregnant.  I had to ask though.  I asked for autoimmune and she ended up ordering autoimmune, clotting, and thyroid tests.  They drew 6 tubes of blood to do all of these.  I asked about NK cell and she said she doesn't order it because it really doesn't give any useful information.  I asked DH about it (since he tests his patients for autoimmune disorders all the time) and he said no one ever orders it because it's really non-specific and not particularly useful.

    The other test I originally asked for and which didn't get relayed to her was androgens, even though I show no signs of PCOS.  She just ordered that on Friday and I'll get the results in a week.

    Here's what I had done (all of which were normal):
    Thyroid peroxidase antibody
    Antinuclear antibody screen
    Anti-cardiolipin antibody
    Beta-2 glycoprotein antibodies
    Lupus anticoagulant
    Thyroglobulin antibody
    PT and PTT 
    Antiphospholipid antibody
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