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Tdap shot

My Dr recommended this shot to me and I'm wondering if any of you local ladies have also gotten it?

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  • I'm pretty sure I got it when I was a kid. Like with all the rest of my vaccinations.
  • Yup, I got mine yesterday though I also had my tetanus shot when I was little. The shot now also contains the Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine and my ob recommended everyone who is planning on spending any significant time with our baby should get it, so DH, my mom and MIL are all getting theirs before baby gets here.
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  • Yes I've heard "cocooning" is the best way to go. So I'm going to ask if my husband, parents and parents in law will get it. Just an FYI I got it as a kid too but the vaccine doesn't last forever. I looked into it and there was a whooping cough outbreak in RI just a few mos ago! It is deadly to infants!
  • Oh wow! Thanks for letting me know! My sister is due in May so I'll make sure to get the vaccine before then.
  • You're welcome:) I wish the vaccines lasted forever ... It would be so nice!
  • Both my DH and I got our boosters a couple years back. I'll get another before delivering. It's definitely one that I'll be getting -and I'm skeptical on shots!
  • I didn't get it because I got the booster this summer. I was told that the TDAP booster is actually for the baby. It's completely unnecessary.



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    I just got a few days ago and then discovered I'm 4 weeks pregnant! I hope it doesn't do sth bad cause pregnant women should get it after or around week 27. I guess we'll see.
  • I got my booster at 32 weeks even though I received the vaccine again in 07 after a SCT.
  • I got 2 in 2 years because of being pregnant.  I'd rather get the extra vaccine than take the chance of my baby catching pertussis.

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