Pregnant after C-Section...?

My son was born 10 weeks ago via planned c-section (he was 9+lbs with a head circumference in the 96th percentile). I haven't had a period or any bleeding since the pp bleeding stopped about 6 weeks ago. Last week, my husband and I had a "whoops!" moment when our condom failed, I took Plan B about 24 hours later. Yesterday I took a home pregnancy test and it came up with a very faint positive result. I'm planning on taking another, probably tomorrow morning and then again in another week if necessary, but I was wondering if anyone else had ever seen a faint positive after using Plan B...? I was thinking (actually, kind of hoping) maybe it might have messed with the results. We were planning on having more kids in a couple years, but conceiving so soon after a section concerns me.

Re: Pregnant after C-Section...?

  • Congratulations on your new baby and possibly Irish twins! I have always wanted two kids very close in age;) I even asked my Dr how soon after my scheduled c sec I can get pg again. He said 3 mos is fine. You're a little under 3 mos but I wouldn't worry. Talk to your Dr! Best of luck to you!
  • I think it's possible for your body to still give a positive test so close after birth since you still may have elevated hormones - but I would keep testing and would be excited about the possibility of Irish twins!
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  • I got a BFP about 8 weeks after a CS... so it's definitely possible. I'd call your doctor and ask for blood tests... they'll see if your HCG levels are falling or rising, and likely order an u/s to rule out ectopic/etc. It's not recommended but it's doable.
  • My dr says you are 95% healed from a csection at 6wks post partum. Good luck!

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