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One proud daddy

Got our 3D ultrasound pics on the 31st.  Man do I have a good looking son! hahaimage
Salem Rowan Theoden born a healthy Beltane Baby!  May 1st
8lbs 6.5oz and 21in long

Re: One proud daddy

  • Very cool!  How long did it take?
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  • He looks tired.
  • Friggin awesome!

    Proud 40 year old, first time daddy!
  • That's great! Congrats to you!
  • Congrats.

    As far as how long a 3D/4D ultrasound length, it depends on if they are doing measurements, or you go to a place to do it "recreationally".  We had a voluntary, "recreational" 3D/4D done at a local place and it took less than 15 minutes once she got on the "bed" to complete it.  That is of course, as long as the kid isn't being super hyper.  They told her to drink something a little sugary to get him moving the 1st time, so she ate donuts and drank a sugary drink and it took 45 minutes to get good images because he wouldn't hold still... he was on a sugar rush.
  • Ha! Congrats!
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  • WHen my wife was going through GD we had to go in for stress tests twice a week.  All they do is hook her up to some probes on the belly to hear the baby's heartbeat.  She would go through a ton of cold water to get our son to keep moving for these tests.

    God, that was such a stressful month.  Here we were, so close to having him, and now we were going into the doctor's all the time to make sure that he was not too stressed in there.

    A lot of stess after they are born too, but it is totally different.


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