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Based on recs from my BMB I registered for the boutique sized a+a swaddlers, a 3 pack of swaddle mes and a magic blanket. That seems excessive but I know the a+a ones can be used for other purposes. Is that still too much?


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Re: Swaddlers / registry

  • Nope IMO you can never have too many. We had one A&A, three swaddleMes and a Halo. It was nice to be able to wash when you needed to and not stress about it being dry in time for nap. Just keep the receipts on anything you don't open right away in case your LO hates swaddling.
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  • Honestly..just go easy on washing stuff! I had the A&A blankets..they're so useful for so many different things. I registered for 2 swaddlemes. She hated them with a fiery was used..the other we returned and she just slept in the halo sleep sacks.
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  • We kept one A&A blanket on each level of our home, one in the car and one in the diaper bag. DD had one within arms reach most of the time as well. We used halo sleep sacks and had 2 of those in each size.

    I would wait to wash more than one of each type of sleep sack until you know what baby likes and what she can break out of. As a side note, different things work at different times, we used A&A to swaddle during the day and the sleep sacks at night only.
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