Got my c/s date!

Unless I go into labour sooner, I'll have my DD on May 8th. I have so much to do before then but at least I still have 3 months to accomplish everything! So my question is: when should I share the date with both of our families? DH's family is a wee bit overbearing, as is some of my family (to a lesser extent). Since this is my last baby, I really want to have a good and calm experience this time, without feeling tense and worrying about people in the waiting room. I was thinking of just telling them that it'll be the week of May 5th and then tell them the actual date closer to May. Thoughts?


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Re: Got my c/s date!

  • You could tell them the date, but give them a time to show up after you are done and rested.  Most l&d nurses are very good at deflecting family before you are ready to see them.
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