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Diastasis Recti

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Have any of you ladies had problems with separation of your abdominal muscles? Mine seem to have quite significantly over the past month and I'm now seeing a physical therapist to try and avoid it getting worse.

Ive been crossfitting 3-4 times a week up till now but had cut out most ab exercises at 12 weeks. I also haven't been cleaning or bench pressing and decreased my weights by about 80%.

From today I've also cut out planks, ring rows, push ups and russian twists. No direct ab work at all. I've also scaled my weights down more and am trying to focus on using deeper abdominal muscles, but it's hard to know if I'm doing it right.

I really want to keep wodding but I'm scared that I'm going to make the problem worse. Im also now so hyper aware of my core in everything else I do (kettle bell swings, rowing etc) that it's freaking me out.

Any tips or wisdom would be really appreciated!

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