First cold

Our ex 24 weeker now 8 months adj/12 actual has her first cold , started with loose cough then phlegmy cough now a little wheeze, is on albuterol neb treatments and sterioids. Any others been in a similar situation. I'm a complete mess and the doctor said I need a drink!
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Re: First cold

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    I'm sorry she's having a rough time. Anna has had two head colds this year but thankfully they have only caused nasal congestion. She and the nosefrida are not good friends, however! You are doing everything you can for her and I hope the cold passes quickly. 

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    The first cold is so rough. We just had ours at 4.5 months (DD is a 35 weeker but we are watching her lungs). She had to be suctioned a lot initially. Had to give her an antibiotic and a decongestant. Now she has a BAD phlegmy cough.... no weight gain over the last month. Ugh. Hang in there... we will get through this soon enough.


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