Anyone come home with a ng tube?

My twins were born at 32 weeks, they were in the nicu as feeders and growers. Twin A got sick 3 weeks after being home and has been in the nicu again for 6 weeks. All she has to do is take her feeds by bottle then she can come home. She takes some of her bottle each time but not all of. She was vented for 3 weeks so shes still getting used to the idea of eating again. Her drs and surgeons have agreed she will do better at home so we are coming home with the ng tube. They are confident she wont need it too long. Im very excited to get her home but a little nervous about the ng tube.

Re: Anyone come home with a ng tube?

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    We did! I was super nervous about it, but it worked out great. Make sure they have YOU put the tube in at least once on your own, if not more often, prior to discharge. Without any help. Each nurse may have different tips and tricks -- my favorite was when putting the tube down, they'll inevitably be crying -- wait for when they take a breath to continue putting it in. It goes in without resistance that way, for whatever reason. ;) Make sure you understand everything about checking placement. 

    Beyond that, GL! We found the girls really thrived once they were home -- one of them didn't use the tube ONCE, and the other only needed a few more weeks. 
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    DS went home on an NG tube as well. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Definitely try doing it several times on your own first at the hospital. I thought I would be a chicken about putting it in, but it was actually DH who didn't like doing it. DS needed it for about 6 weeks which was good because he kept yanking it out after that! GL!
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