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GTKY: vivid dreams

Hi everyone!  I was just complaining about my most recent nightmare on TTGP.  Two men were chasing me to rape and murder me because I wouldn't voluntarily sleep with them, and they had several bags of B positive blood so they could keep me alive while they tormented and killed me slowly.  Luckily, they never caught up to me in my dreams but it was super scary.  One of the men said "I want to violate you" which is still sending chills down my spine.  My dreams are so realistic they stick with me the next few days like they actually happened.  I also do things in my sleep so last night I grabbed C's pillow unconsciously and her head hit the bed and she woke up muttering "You stole my pillow!" I realized then that I was clutching the pillow in my arms and gave it back to her and apologized...

Anyone else have crazy dreams?  Dreams that haunt you and linger in the back of your mind?  Ugh, I can still feel my aggressor's hands on me and it wasn't even real :(

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