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Gall Bladder Attack-X post

Hello everyone.  I do not usually do a lot of posting on the bump, but I was hoping someone could relate or help me.  I am just entering my 2nd tri and  I had a gall bladder attack a few days ago.  My doctor did and ultrasound on gallbladder and did blood work.  I have gall stones.  He said hopefully I will not have any more attacks per a diet change as they would like to wait to remove the gall bladder after the babe is born.  Has anyone had this issue before?  Also, with the diet change and no fat/low fat diet, Im worried about not getting enough calories needed during pregnancy-any thoughts about this as well?  Thank you.
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Re: Gall Bladder Attack-X post

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    I had gall stones my whole sucked I was always worried about getting enough food for my son. I was told by my OB all the time I wasn't eating enough which bothered me because I was so limited on what I could eat. To top it off I was int he hospital for a week when I was 35 weeks before they had to do a c section because ds was pushing on my gallbladder causing a constant gall bladder attack so i was on a liquid diet for a week before they did the section. My advise is if they can take out your gall bladder take it. Out!!!
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