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Has anyone come into contact with common core in public schools yet?  Are you homeschooling because of it?

My LO is too young for school and it hasn't hit our state yet, but I'm extremely concerned.  I was a public school teacher for 8 years before becoming SAHM, but the new Common Core sounds awful and I'm kind of afraid to go back to teaching…thoughts?

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  • I have several friends who are planning to or are looking in to homeschooling next year. CC sucks for students and teachers, but I'm quite sure it's not the only reason they are going to hs. I taught French and Spanish, so the common core wouldn't bother me as much as the English/science/SS/math teachers. I'd love to get back in to teaching, but I think the homeschool circuit and tutoring might be less political and time consuming for me.
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  • That's part of the reason we're seriously considering HSing.  DS1 is in PSK and CC will be in full effect next school year.  I've wanted to HS for the past 2 years and DH was adamantly opposed.  He started opening up to the idea and then when he was researching CC that gave him a huge push towards HS.  There's a slew of problems I have with it that I won't get into now.  We've not made it official but chances are that we will pull him after this school year and HS starting next year (actually worked on converting our dining room to a school room over the past week.   

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  • We run into it a little with our homechooling charter, but it isn't really a big deal. They are relaxed about enforcing it. 
    From what I've seen of it there are some concerning things, but overall it isn't too terrible. Of course my teaching background was mostly in "program improvement" schools (ones that had failed the No Child Left Behind tests).  What we taught was very scripted, and in comparison common core sounds like a lot more fun. In fact many of the teachers I know are exited about it. Plus, common core standards are generally lower than what we had in CA in the past. 
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