Pregnancy after c-section

Is there anything I need to know?  Should I be worried about my incision at all as my belly expands?  

I'm not really worried about the next c-section…from what I've heard, the 2nd time around recovery is a bit easier.  Plus I'll have tons of help because my parents are both retired and live like 10 minutes away.  

Anything else I should know?

Re: Pregnancy after c-section

  • can't think of anything;  no need to worry about your incision
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  • I got pregnant 8 months after my c-section and have had no issues.
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  • I conceived my second when my first was 15 months old and I've had no issues. There was a very brief period of time when I had a little bit of pain around the scar, which my OB said was likely scar tissue stretching, but it wasn't more than off and on for less than a week and that's the only thing I noticed relating to the c section.
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  • I got pregnant 5 months after my 1st c/s.  It ended in a m/c.  My incision felt sensitive at times during my pregnancy which is normal.  Also, my second recovery was the worst out of all of my recoveries.  My 3rd recovery was the best...weird.
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  • I've been pregnant two times since my first c-section.  My RCS with my daughter was a very calm, very planned event. The recovery was definitely easier than with my first c-section (because I had labored with my son about 20 hours & was exhausted from pushing and labor). I'm anticipating that my RCS this time will also be calm with a good recovery, though I'm also going to have a tubal so I understand that adds some soreness.

    I recall no additional soreness or pain with my second pregnancy because of the scar and scar tissue.  However, this time around there have been days when I have pain around my c-section scar. My doctor said at one point that the baby's head was right on the old scar tissue. But it was not severe pain - just wanted a heating pad - and l went to work and functioned like normal.  She shifted and the soreness passed. Every now and again, I've had a day or a moment where I feel like she must be putting pressure on the scar, and it's sore, but again, it's not affecting my activities. I've had absolutely zero pregnancy complications, either time, due to my scar or scar tissue.
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